Does India feature in top 10 countries with highest Co2 emission?

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Carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions are the primary driver of global climate change. It’s widely recognised that to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the world needs to urgently reduce emissions. As per the data available, following are the ten countries with the largest global share of CO₂ emissions:

1. China

As the world's largest emitter, China has consistently had the highest global share of CO₂ emissions. It has 30.9% share in global CO₂ emissions.

2. United States

The United States has been one of the largest contributors to global CO₂ emissions. With a global share of 13.5%, the US stands at 2nd position in the global CO₂ emissions.

3. India

With its growing population and expanding economy, India has experienced a substantial increase in CO₂ emissions. With a global share of 7.3%, India stands at 3rd position in CO₂ emissions.

4. Russia

Because of its large landmass, coupled with its reliance on energy-intensive industries, Russia stands at the fourth position in this list. It has a global share of 4.7% in CO₂ emissions.

5. Japan

Despite its efforts to improve energy efficiency, Japan remains one of the largest emitters due to its industrial output and dependence on fossil fuels. With a global share of 2.9%, Japan stands at 5th position in CO₂ emissions.

6. Iran

Iran's economy heavily depends on oil and gas production, making it a significant contributor to global CO₂ emissions. With global share of 2.0% in CO₂ emissions, Iran comes at 6th positions in this list.

7. Germany

Germany has a strong industrial base and is known for its manufacturing sector. While it has made progress in transitioning to renewable energy sources, it still relies on coal and other fossil fuels, leading to substantial CO₂ emissions. It has a global share of 1.8% in CO₂ emissions.

8. Saudi Arabia

As one of the world's largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia's economy is deeply tied to fossil fuels. The country's significant oil and gas reserves contribute to its substantial CO₂ emissions with global share of 1.8%.

9. Indonesia

Indonesia ranked as the ninth-largest emitter of CO₂ worldwide. It has a global share of 1.7% in CO₂ emissions.

10. South Korea

South Korea is highly industrialized and heavily reliant on coal and fossil fuels for energy production. It has global share of 1.7% in CO₂ emissions.