Watch: Viral pics of PM Modi's grand welcome in the White House

PSU Watch Bureau

Unprecedented Welcome!

President Biden offered an unprecedented welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi is only the third Indian to be invited for a state visit so far. This is being seen as the highest form of expression of friendly ties and is reserved only for closest allies

Overwhelmed Modi

"Deeply touched by the warm and gracious welcome at the White House. Looking forward to fostering even deeper ties and mutual cooperation in the times to come", said PM Modi upon arrival at the White House. He also met relatives of the biden family.

'Garba' in White House

Gujarati folk dance Garba was played in the White House during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit. President Biden and first lady watched it alongside Modi. PM Modi was also seen explaining Garba to Joe Biden for a moment.

PM gifted Upnishad and 7.5 carat lab-grown diamond

PM Modi presented President Biden a copy of the "Ten Principle Upanishads". The "Ten Principle Upnishads" has been produced at the University Press, Glasgow and published by London's Faber&Faber

At the bilateral meeting with PM Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden said, "...Over the past 10 years, the small steps have transformed into a large progress. Today the partnership between our countries is stronger than it has ever been."

'Walking shoulder to shoulder'

India & US are walking shoulder to shoulder in every area- be it the depths of the ocean to space, from ancient culture to artificial intelligence, said PM Modi at the White House

"India-US relations at historic new heights"

"The US-India friendship is personal. India is an ally that shares our democratic values. We have so much in common, from business and cultural ties to mutual security interests. It's critical that we continue to grow our partnership", said White House in an official statement

Glimpses of Democracy

"Democracy is in our spirit, and we live it. It's in our Constitution. There is no question of discrimination on the grounds of caste or religion. India believes in sabka saath, sabka vishwas, and sabka prayaas", said PM Modi during a joint press conference while people outside White House waited in que to have a glimpse of their Prime Minister

My Captain....

Members of the Indian diaspora stand outside Capitol Hill and thronged the White House area as they waited the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Mini India outside India

Indians living in the United States came wearing Indian traditional costumes like one gentleman being seen in this pic wearing a kurta, white dhoti and modi jacket. Members of the Indian diaspora in US presented a glimpse of a mini India outside the White House

Indians living in the United States waiting to have a glimpse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hundreds waited around the Capitol Hill area on Thursday. PM Modi will also attend US Congress in a while