Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Now on, Hotels & restaurants can not levy you service charge

Taking a strict view, the new guidelines said there should not be any collection of service charge by any other name

International Yoga Day: This company organises Beer Yoga session to ‘promote health’

India-based Global Performance Marketing Giant Adsparkx organised Beer Yoga Session for its employees on the occasion of International Yoga Day

Is the hotel or restaurant levying service charge on you? Read this

Govt on Thursday said that it plans to soon come up with a robust framework to check service charge levied by restaurants and hotels

Tesla won’t manufacture in India unless…

Tesla will not manufacture its products locally unless it is allowed to first sell and service its cars in the country, cleared Elon Musk on Saturday

TIME’s 2021 person of the year: Richest man in the world who does not own a house

Naming Elon Musk the 2021 Person of the Year, TIME Magazine called him the richest man in the world who does not own a house and has recently been selling off his fortune

100 crore vaccinations celebration: 100 monuments illuminated in tri-colour

Archaeological Survey of India illuminated 100 important monuments in the entire country in tri-colour to celebrate India's landmark achievement of 100 crore vaccinations on Thursday

This former Minister is now working as a pizza delivery guy

Afghanistan’s former communications minister Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat is now working as a pizza delivery guy in Germany

Asian Games, Commonwealth and now Olympics; Neeraj Chopra creates streak of gold

Neeraj Chopra creates history as he wins India's first-ever Olympic gold medal in Athletics, making Tokyo Olympics 2021 India's best-ever Olympics

Waiting for ‘Money Heist’ final season? Here is all you want to know

Netflix has announced the dates for the final season of the blockbuster Spanish series 'Money Heist'. The streamer has said that the final season will be split into two volumes of five episodes each

Ease of Living Index 2020: These are top 5 cities to live in India

Govt of India on Thursday released the Ease of living index 2020 which is a list of 111 cities that rank highest in the ease of living standards. Bengaluru has emerged as the best city to live in India

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