Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Vivek Shukla

Banking progress has boosted economy: NITI Aayog VC

NITI Aayog VC Rajiv Kumar also indicated that there was still plenty of work to be done in enhancing the country’s financial system and furthering reforms in the sector

Modi government is more decisive than UPA: Anil Swarup

In this freewheeling conversation with PSU Watch, Anil Swarup talks about his book, his bureaucratic career and the principles he holds close to his heart

The counter-narrative to the golden period of privatisation is buried in a doc that no one knows about

Did you know that the period of time in the history of the public sector when the government raised the best-ever disinvestment proceeds of Rs 21,163 crores, there was a study that showed using empirical data that the public sector was doing better than the private

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