Friday, September 30, 2022

Now, Swiggy does a Zomato!

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Widespread response from the social media post regarding the incident led to the delivery service suspending the outlet, pending further investigation by an external agency

New Delhi: If the viral video of a Zomato delivery worker caught on camera munching on food from a customer’s meals outraged you, then a Chennai man’s allegation might make some squeamish to the point of fainting. In a Facebook post, Balamurugan Deenadayalan claimed that the chicken schezwan chopsuey that he had ordered from a local eatery through Swiggy contained a blood-stained bandage.

“Contacted restaurant and they aren’t sensitive and offering the replacement for the food! Who again wants to eat such contaminated food!” he wrote on Facebook. The widespread response from the social media post led to the delivery service, which apologised for the incident, suspending the outlet, pending further investigation by an external agency.

Since he could not find the option to call Swiggy representatives directly through the app, Deenadayalan alleged that although he had the option to chat, no one was responding.

Swiggy apologises

“We deeply regret the issue faced by one of our users and apologise for the angst it has caused. This is certainly not the level of service we intend to promote,” Swiggy said in a statement.

“While the restaurant has acknowledged lapse at its end, based on the complaint, we have suspended not only this specific outlet but also other outlets under this franchise, pending further investigation by an external agency,” Swiggy said.

Swiggy said it consistently conducts “stringent third-party hygiene audits” across its restaurant partner network. “The same was done for this particular restaurant as well. This incident only strengthens our resolve to put stricter checks in place,” Swiggy said

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