Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Oxygen shortage

Govt has asked ONGC to procure 1 lakh oxygen concentrators to address shortage

ONGC has been given the responsibility to procure 1 lakh oxygen concentrators based on its understanding of global supply chain and logistics by the Centre

RINL dispatched 11,900 MT of liquid medical Oxygen since onset of pandemic

RINL-Vizag Steel has already supplied 3,050 MT of liquid medical Oxygen till Wednesday since April 13 and cumulative dispatch has crossed 11,900 MT mark since onset of pandemic

COVID-19: Govt tells CPCB to identify industries where nitrogen plants can be modified to produce oxygen

About 30 industries have been identified, and efforts have begun to modify nitrogen plants for the production of medical oxygen to address the crisis of oxygen availability for COVID-19 patients

COVID: In India, PSUs are leading the charge against #OxygenShortage from the front

As India faces an acute shortage of oxygen in fighting the 2nd wave of COVID-19 infections, PSUs are leading the charge from the front to address the crisis

COVID: IOC to convert 29 of its LNG tankers into Oxygen carriers within a week

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) is converting 29 LNG tankers in its fleet into medical-grade Oxygen carriers in order to address the issue of last-mile delivery of Oxygen

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