A barber shop in TN is offering a North Korean haircut that you can’t get in North Korea

New Delhi: Did you think getting hair colour and maybe Rajnikanth’s Robot haircut will help you make a statement? Well, you need to get over it. Netizens on Reddit have spotted a place that can give you a haircut that not only makes a statement but screams ‘authority’ like nothing else: a salon that specialises in re-creating the signature Kim Jong-un haircut. Yes, we are talking about the North Korean ‘Supreme Leader.’

Where can the haircut be availed?

A small barbershop in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is offering the services. In a photo that was shared on Reddit, a board erected at the entrance of the shop bears the name ‘Saravana Saloon.’ While you may have seen photos of Salman Khan in Tere Naam haircut, and Hrithik Roshan in his Dhoom hairdo gracing the signages of barbershops across the country, Saravana Saloon has a photo of the North Korean dictator on the right side of the board.

But that’s not the irony

However, that’s not all. This salon is making a haircut available to you in a small town in south India that you may not be able to get in North Korea. In North Korea, the ‘Supreme Leader’ haircut cannot be recreated and people are only allowed to choose from a list of 15 sanctioned hairdos.

Kim Jong-un had started sporting his signature swept-back and undercut hairdo as a tribute to his grandfather, and North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.

You can find the shop listed on Google Maps for easy access.