Thursday, September 29, 2022

Airborne Tejas’ 1,200-litre fuel tank falls off in a farm in Tamil Nadu

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New Delhi: The fuel tank of a Tejas aircraft detached itself from the body of the plane and fell in an agricultural field in the outskirts of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday, the police said. The aircraft was on a sortie.

‘No one injured’

While confirming the news, defence sources in Chennai said that “all was safe” and no one was injured in the incident. The police said that agricultural labourers who were in the field at the time were shocked to see the massive 1,200-litre petrol tank fall from the sky. A three-foot deep crater was caused by the impact and a minor fire erupted, the police added.

The combat jet, however, landed safely in the nearby Sulur Air Force station, they said.


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