All toll plazas will now be FASTag from Dec 15

New Delhi: The government postponed its decision to make all toll plazas FASTag from December 1 on Friday. Now, mandatory implementation of FASTag will be done at national as well as state highways from December 15.

What is a FASTag?

FASTag is a sticker that a vehicle-user needs to put at the front of the windshield. The sticker acts as the radio frequency identity for the vehicle which is automatically read by sensors installed at toll plazas. This enables faster movement of traffic as the toll fee is deducted automatically from the bank account or the wallet linked to the radio frequency identity.

Facility is currently available at over 450 toll plazas

The payment system is currently functional at over 450 toll plazas across the country. The system makes use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to help recognise the passing of a vehicle, along with details such as the vehicle class and the status of the tag.

The tags can be issued by 23 certified banks, including some small finance banks, payments banks and co-operative banks. They can also be obtained from select toll plazas, petrol pumps, RTOs, or online at Amazon. Users can also download their FASTags from the MyFASTag app (available for Android and iPhone) and then proceed to either buy from the banks or at Amazon through the app.

The backdrop

The government had earlier said that from December 1, toll payments via FASTag will become mandatory at national as well as state highways. If users do not use FASTag, they will have to shell out double the amount payable via FASTag, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had said.
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