India's Independence Day celebration, from the ramparts of Red Fort

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'The credit goes to you'

Addressing the people of India, from the ramparts of Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day, PM Modi attributed the rise of India from 10th to 5th  largest economy in the world to the efforts of 140 crore people of India

To the states...

"10 years ago, the Government of India used to send Rs. 30 lakh crore to the States. In the last 9 years, this figure has reached Rs. 100 lakh crore. Seeing these numbers, you will feel that such big transformation has happened with big increase in capacity!", PM said


The pride of G20

India's G20 Presidency has brought out the potential of India's common citizens: PM. Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day, the Prime Minister explained how India's G20 Presidency has helped show the world the potential of the common citizen of the country.


Generating self employment

On the front of self-employment, PM Modi said, “More Rs. 20 lakh crore have been given to the youth for self-employment for their occupation. 8 crore people have started new business and not only that, every businessman has given employment to one or two people”

'Poverty reduced, neo-middle class thriving'

Today, 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty to become the strength of the middle class. When the purchasing power of the poor increases, the business power of the middle class increases. When the purchasing power of the village increases, the economic system of the town and city runs at a faster pace. This interconnected is our economic cycle. We want to move ahead by giving it strength", PM said

'Inflation well under-control'

Talking about fighting inflation, the PM Modi said, “India has tried its best to control inflation. We cannot think that our things are better than the world, I have to take more steps in this direction to minimise the burden of inflation on my countrymen. My efforts will continue to tame inflation.”


Mentioned Manipur from the red fort

"Last few weeks in North-East, especially in Manipur and also in some other parts of India, but especially in Manipur, many people lost their lives, the honor of mothers and daughters was played with, but in the last few days, there are continuous reports of peace coming in, the country is with the people of Manipur", he said


Greetings pouring on 77th Independence Day

Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, thanked World Leaders for their greetings and wishes on the 77th Independence Day as the greetings kept pouring in. Premiers of countries across the globe tweeted their best wishes for the PM and people of India.

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