This PSU is auctioning luxury cars like Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW

PSU Watch

Lamborghini begins at Rs 10 lakh

Metal Scrap Trading Corporation (MSTC), a public sector enterprise is auctioning cars seized by Enforcement Directorate on August 11. Most of these cars belong to the conman Sukesh


Fascinating Brabus, (Registration No. HP 12 L 850) also has a starting price of Rs 10 Lakh. This Mercedes Benz powerhouse is 2015 model and was seized from Conman Suresh currently lodged in Tihar Jail


A Lamborghini Aventador bearing Registration No HP11C9933 is available for auction. Start price is Rs 10 Lakh. This cars was registered on June 22, 2015. Car Model name is LIGHINI AVENTER COUPE MY 14

Range Rover Jaguar

A CH01AW0007 Range Rover Jaguar can also be yours. Just log on to the MSTC auction portal on August 11. The auction will be over by 3pm the same day.


In the availble cars, one Bentley Bentyagga too is there. It has a Gurugram registration number HR 26 DE 0016. This grey colored fascinating car was registered in 2017. It has a starting price of Rs 10 Lakh

Rolls Royce Ghost

Not just Bentleys, Merc, BMWs but a Rolls Royce Ghost as well. Bearing registration number DC 12 CA 8000, this black-colored Ghost Series-2 vehicle has a start price of Rs 10 Lakh. Car was seized on August 21, 2021

Mercedes S500

Rs 5 lakh for a Mercedes S500! This black colored adored by all Merc was seized 3 years back on August 21, 2021. This too belongs to the stable of Sukesh. Imagine the luxurious life the conman once had.

Pay 10% now

MSTC said that as per the terms and conditions laid out by them all the winning bidders of that auction will have to deposit 10% of the bid amount within four days of the auction. They will have time till certain date to pay the remaining 90% of the amount.

Not in good condition!

As per information accessed by PSU Watch these cars are not in great condition as they have been rotting in a warehouse since they have been confiscated from Sukesh, which is almost 3 years.

MSTC not responsible!

Also, sources said many parts might have been stolen from these cars. MSTC has already said that the PSU will not be responsible for any complaint in regard to the condition of the cars

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