What is Adhik Maas? How is it calculated?

Tarun Bissa

Adhik Maas ie Extra Month

Hindu calendar is based on lunar (moon) cycle while english calendar is based on solar cycle. There are 28,30,31 days in a month in english calendar while hindu calendar has fix 29.5 days in a month. There are 365 days in a year in english calendar and 354 in the Hindu

Hindu Calendar has equal days in a month

There is difference of 11 days in a year between these two calendars. This difference becomes 22 days in 2 years. And accumulates at 29.5 days (a hindu month) in 2 years 8 months 16 days n 24 mins

Concept of Adhik Maas

So ancient Hindu sages decided to add an extra month after every 2 years, 8 months and 16 days in the Hindu calendar to compensate this difference between Solar and lunar calendars. This extra month is called adhik maas and it keep coming after cycle of 2 years-8 months-and-16 days.

Adhik Maas in Shravan

Current Hindu year 2080 is adhik maas year and currently that adhik maas is going on. Adhik maas started on July 18 and will last up to August 16. Name of adhik maas is put on the basis of it falls in which month. In this year it falls in Shravan month.

Days for spiritual awaking

So it is called Shravan adhik maas this year. Due to this adhik maas we will have extended Shravan and chaturmaas (5 months) this year. Shravan started on july 04 and on july 18, adhikmass came now remaining Shravan month will start from August 17 n will last till Aug 31.

Delayed festivals ahead

Due to this we will have delayed festivals in this year. Janmashtmi will come in Sep and Diwali in November. Next adhik maas will be from May 17, 2026 to June 15, 2026. It will fall in Jyestha month so it will be called Jyestha adhik maas.

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