Are you waiting for a refund from Jet Airways? Read this

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Financially battered airlines Jet Airways has provided travel agents a web interface where refund applications can be submitted till May 20

New Delhi: Along with Jet Airways, it is also their customers who have been grappling with uncertainty with respect to their flight ticket refund claims. But here is good news. Jet Airways has said that it would validate claims for flight ticket refunds from its customers within 45 days. Those who booked their flights with Jet have been seeking refunds because their flights were cancelled by the airline in the weeks leading to the big announcement when the battered airline said it was suspending operations temporarily.

Refund claims can be submitted till May 20

According to a report published by Mint, Jet has provided travel agents with a web interface where refund applications can be submitted till May 20. “IATA (International Air Transport Association) will settle the monies post closure of Jet’s (Jet Airways) refund claim review period against the deposit held by IATA. It can also raise demand from Jet in case of a shortfall in refund claims and deposits held by it,” the airline said in a communication to travel agents on April 23.

It said that claims of passengers who purchased their tickets through credit cards will be validated by Jet Airways and credit card companies every Monday.

The backdrop

Jet Airways has been reeling under a financial crisis since February and was forced to shut down operations for want of funds earlier this month.

The airline used IATA’s billing and settlement process gateway (BSP) for allowing agents to book tickets. The agents make a payment to the BSP, which disburses it further to various airlines.

However, when Jet Airways suspended operations on April 17, IATA too suspended the airline’s membership to its clearinghouse system. The IATA was only responsible for clearing refund applications submitted before April 18 and it has initiated pay-outs.