The list of Top 25 IPS officers surveyed By Fame India, Asia Post & PSU Watch out now

In a nationwide survey based on strict performance measures Fame India, Asia Post & PSU Watch have chosen top 25 IPS officers who have created new benchmarks of performance in police service
The list of Top 25 IPS officers surveyed By Fame India, Asia Post & PSU Watch out now

New Delhi: Growth, whether of an individual, a society or a nation is only possible in a just and peaceful environment. There are examples of the states in India which lack in development because of law & order situation. The all India service, Indian Police Service (IPS) has been the backbone of law and order and justice delivery system in India. Indian Police Services, the words that instil pride, a sense of security and the power that comes with khakis. Imagining a fearless, crime-free society is impossible without having a fearless yet responsible and duty-bound policing system. IPS, an all India Service was envisaged with a similar idea back in 1948, a year after India became independent from the British empire. "There is no alternative to this administrative system. The Union will go, you will not have a united India if you do not have good All-India Service which has the independence to speak out its mind, which has a sense of security that you will standby your work…" Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had said in the Constituent Assembly while he was taking part in the discussion of the role of All India Services. How rightly so.

Top 25 IPS officers

In order to recognize the contribution of IPS officers, three organisations- Fame India, Asia Post and PSU Watch decided to undertake a nationwide survey to find out the top 25 IPS officers who have created a benchmark for the newer generation in terms of performance in police service. Those IPS officers included for the survey are the ones belonging to the batches before 1995. As one may presume how difficult a task it was to select top 25 IPS officers out of the list of nearly 4000 all India police services officials. The survey is based on internal reports accessed by the agency, media reports and reports based on various other sources beginning right from their first posting in the particular district. Best 200 officers were chosen out of 4000. Editorial director of the Magazine Fame India, US Sonthalia said "Earlier we thought of shortlisting 100 IPS officers but then we could not downsize the list to less than 200. It was extremely challenging to choose the final 25 out of these efficient 200 super cops. So we categorized those 200 into 25 different categories and chose the top officer from each category for the final list".

Picking the best

Managing Editor of PSU Watch, Vivek Shukla said "Role of an IPS officer is not just limited to regular law and order management but they also have to deal with lots more peculiar issues like Naxalism, terrorism and issues pertaining to international crimes like drug and human trafficking. We judged these IPS officers on these parameters- Ability to efficiently control crime, honesty and impartiality, ability to improve overall law and order situation, friendly in dealing with the public, visionary, responsible is using power and ability to take quick and impactful decisions".

Here is the list

  1. Arvind Kumar, Chief-IB (Intelligence Bureau), (Batch: 1984)
  2. Samant Kumar Goel, Chief R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing), (Batch: 1984)
  3. S S Deswal, DG (ITBP) (Batch: 1984)
  4. A P Maheshwari DG CRPF (1984)
  5. Anup Kumar Singh, DG (NSG), (Batch: 1985)
  6. SN Sinha, Commissioner of Police, Delhi (Batch: 1985)
  7. Gupteshwar Pandey, DGP Bihar, (Batch: 1987)
  8. M Mahendra Reddy, DGP, Telangana (Batch: 1986)
  9. Dilbagh Singh, DGP, J&K (Batch: 1987)
  10. R Shreelekha, DGP, Kerala (Batch: 1987)
  11. Anurag Garg, ADGP (Vigilance), Himachal Pradesh (Batch:1993)
  12. Paramveer Singh, Police Commissioner Mumbai (Batch: 1988)
  13. Anand Kumar, DG (Prison), UP (Batch: 1988)
  14. Bhagwan Lal Soni, ADG (Crime), Rajasthan (Batch: 1988)
  15. Sanjay Beniwal, DGP, Chandigarh (Batch: 1989)
  16. Ashok Kumar, DG (Law & Order), Uttarakhand (Batch: 1989)
  17. Muhammad Akil, Police Commissioner, Gurgaon (Batch: 1989)
  18. Anil Palta ADGP, Jharkhand, (Batch: 1990)
  19. Anuj Sharma, Police Commissioner, Kolkata (Batch: 1991)
  20. Varun Kapoor, ADGP RAPTC, Madhya Pradesh (Batch: 1991)
  21. Ajay Anand, ADGP Agra, UP (Batch: 1992)
  22. Arun Dev Gautam, Secretary-Home, Chattisgarh, (Batch: 1992)
  23. Dinkar Gupta, DGP, Punjab (Batch: 1987)
  24. Manish Shanker Sharma, ADGP, Madhya Pradesh, (Batch: 1992)
  25. Sanjay Saxena, ADG (Training) Maharashtra, (Batch: 1993)
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