Thursday, September 29, 2022

CIL to mechanise coal transportation by 2024

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New Delhi: Coal India Limited (CIL) said on Thursday that it will switch over to mechanised transportation of coal through piped conveyor belts in its large mines by 2023-24. The mode will replace the existing road movement of the dry fuel. The system is already operational in some of its mines, said an official statement.

The coal transportation system will be used at 35 CIL coal projects

The coal transportation system will be implemented in 35 of CIL’s coal projects each having a production capacity of four million tonne per annum (MTPA) and above. “For necessary infrastructure upgrade at these 35 projects, including railway lines, CIL will invest through its capital expenditure,” the statement said.

Piped conveyor belt will reduce manual intervention

A piped conveyor belt transportation is a covered system for the movement of coal and thus promotes environment safety and prevents possible coal pilferage. In order to implement this, Coal India will have to set up Coal Handling Plants (CHPs) with silos having rapid loading systems, which will have benefits like crushing, sizing of coal, quicker and quality coal loading. Apart from making loading of coal efficient, CHPs will reduce manual intervention and will spur better quality in coal supply.

The backdrop

Currently, coal is transported via road by trucks from the pithead to despatch point which also adds to air pollution, the statement said. Coal India loaded 151 MT through silos/rapid loading system during 2018-19, it added.

“Additionally, around 420 MT of coal is planned to be loaded through silos and surge bins, which will be set up at 35 projects identified, elevating the total mechanised loading to 571 MT by 2023-24. CIL aims to produce 880 MT of coal by 2023-24 which means 65 percent of the total coal produced would be moved through covered pipe conveyor system by then and loaded mechanically,” the statement said.

Infrastructure for 24 silos and 11 surge bin loading systems will be set up in all subsidiaries of CIL by 2023-24 for mechanised loading.
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