Apply these 10 things this weekend, if you think you fail often

No, it is not some serious stuff like joining motivational classes, or attending workshops to hone your skills, but how you plan your fun over the weekend. So it doesn’t really matter what exactly are you up to the weekend, but how you plan and do it fully to unwind yourself completely. So the whole idea of PSU Watch here is to make you realize how mindful you are about what you are doing. Because that is what going to separate you from what you are and what you want to be. The first of the ten things that you might be doing over the weekend that is leading you to lose yourself slowly is lack of planning.

Do you sleep all the time?

For some people, however, feeling tired and rundown during hours they should be up is an everyday occurrence. On one hand oversleeping causes you 'n' number of medical problems from dietary deficiencies to depression to general daytime fatigue it also lowers your confidence in general. It is always better to avoid it.

Are you stressed out most of the time?

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" isn’t something you learned in your childhood to forget when you are an adult now. A lot of people work during the weekend which ain’t that bad in the shorter run but does impact your mindfulness in the longer run. If you are stressed out in the weekend itself, imagine what are you going to give your work on Monday?

Do you ignore your loved ones?

Whether you believe it or not but spending time with your loved ones takes away all the stress you have gathered around your hectic workweek. Explore new dimensions of your relationships. Do not go out.

Do you take time out to hang out with friends?

As important as spending time with your family, as important as performing in the workspace is spending time with friends. Do not ignore them. In rare cases, if you do not have friends, find out some other ways to unwind.

Do you get too comfortable with your time?

Here comes again the word doing it at the right time when it should be. Do plan your Monday at least on a Sunday night before you go to bed. If you can plan for the week, that is definitely going to give an edge over others.

Splurging over weekends may bring depression

"Splurging over weekend only may bring you depression, balance out"[/caption] There is much research that suggests waiting for the weekend for splurging is not that good an idea. Most of the time you end up raking up expenses while penny-pinch yourself the whole of the workweek. Balance it out, look for cheaper options.

Do you let gadgets take over your weekend?

Time to realize that weekend must be technology-free. You should keep your laptop, your work emails and calls away for the weekend. Legends do that.

Do you plan your fun?

Did you plan to follow your hobby? Did you plan to do stuff you like to do? Well, planning here does not mean you have to sit especially on a Friday to plan how you are going to spend your weekend. But mindfully giving a thought to doing what really excites you. And no matter how much your brain tells turns you towards reasons for not doing it, just ignore. Just go and do your fun.

Do you take out time to reflect?

Consider these 10 things this weekend, if you think you are a fail often[/caption] Hum kis gali jaa rahe hain…is a very popular number from Pakistani star singer Atif and a wonderful idea for you to give a thought about. During the busy work week it is difficult to take out time to reflect upon your professional and personal journey, so plan to do it during the weekend.

Althaught you at the right spot? The last but not at all the least is not to compromise on realising the difference of chilling out and being a sloth. The sharper you are at differentiating between the two, the smarter you would be in the outside world. Spend your time like a winner. Seize the day!