At DefExpo, people throng to take selfies with Arjun tank, MIG aircraft

A large number of people living nearby, field officers and even officers rehearsing for the Lucknow Defence Expo, have turned up to see the Arjun tank and take selfies from a distance
At DefExpo, people throng to take selfies with Arjun tank, MIG aircraft

Lucknow: Heavy firearm pieces of machinery coming in for DefExpo has evoked a lot of excitement amidst people who are thronging to take selfies with these war machines. The state capital is hosting the 11th edition of DefExpo from February 5 to 9 on the theme of 'The Emerging Defence Manufacturing Hub.' The focus of the event will be on 'Digital Transformation of Defence.'

Selfies with Arjun battle tank at DefExpo venue

Soon after its arrival on Thursday evening, the Arjun battle tank, India's main battle tank has definitely become the showstopper. A large number of people living nearby, field officers and even officers rehearsing for the event, have turned up to see the tank and take selfies from a distance. The Arjun tank was developed by the DRDO and will be one of its key products to be kept on display for the mega event. "What makes Arjun so special is the 12mm calibre gun. Its computer-controlled integrated fire control system gives it a day-night stabilised sighting system. It's one of the most advanced and deadliest war machines," a defence personnel told Defence Watch.

War machines will be available for public view

Gargi Malik, Defence PRO, said in a media interaction that the expo would have a segment where these war machines and their capabilities would be displayed in full public view. Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Tunguska, armed with a surface-to-air gun and a missile system, was another attraction at the venue. "The weapon carries eight 9M311-M1 surface-to-air missiles. The missiles have a semi-automatic radar command to line-of-sight guidance and weigh 40 Kg with a 9 Kg warhead. They are 2.5-metre-long with a diameter of 1.7 m and a wingspan of 2.2 m.

The missile's maximum speed is 900m/s and it can engage targets travelling at speeds up to 500m/s. The range is from 15 to 6,000 m for ground targets and 15 to 10,000 m for air targets. The two twin-barrel 30 mm anti-aircraft guns are mounted on the vehicle. These guns have a maximum firing rate of 5,000 rounds per minute and a range of 3,000 m against air targets. This extends to 4,000 m against ground targets," said H Singh, defence personnel at the DefExpo venue.

MIG catches interest even before it is unveiled

Another major attraction at the venue of India's biggest exhibition of military technology is the MIG aircraft. The mechanical birds were brought for display in Lucknow on Thursday and were covered with a green sheet. However, they were identified by people soon and people deployed for the preparation thronged to get a glance and take selfies. Officials in Lucknow confirmed that French aviation company Dassault Aviation will also take part and exhibit its much-talked product — Rafale jet — which had created a major controversy in the past over its purchase rates.

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