Saturday, October 1, 2022

DGCA crackdown on air safety: 5 IndiGo pilots suspended

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New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) crackdown against those violating air safety norms continued as it grounded five Indigo officials — three pilots and two aircraft maintenance engineers on Wednesday. According to senior officials, the action was taken because these pilots and engineers had failed to report vibrations in the Pratt and Whitney (PW) engines of the A320neo planes.
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Sources said that there were two separate incidents that have occurred since March.

The duration of suspension

“Three pilots — Captain Krishna Arjun Reddy, Captain Sanjay Gupta and Captain Pankul Nag — have been suspended for not reporting the vibrations observed in the PW engines of their A320neo planes,” a DGCA official said.

The DGCA has suspended Nag for three months, while Reddy and Gupta have been suspended for six months from the date of the incidents, a source said.

A320 neo planes have been facing glitches

The PW engine-powered A320neo planes of GoAir and IndiGo have been facing glitches mid-air and on-ground since their induction in 2016. And that’s why some of these planes had to be grounded.

DGCA crackdown continues

IndiGo and GoAir have 92 and 35 A320neo aircraft respectively, powered by PW engines. A total of 436 such aircraft operate across the world. The DGCA has taken a tough stance on violations in a bid to improve air safety. The watchdog has suspended many pilots of various airlines in the last few weeks for similar runway incursion or excursion incidents.

In August, the aviation watchdog suspended a first officer of SpiceJet for three months for mishearing an Air Traffic Control clearance and giving an incorrect direction to the pilot-in-command (PIC).

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