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ED, IB, CBI, BSF owe over Rs 10 lakh each to Air India

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New Delhi: A number of government agencies owe over Rs 10 lakh each to Air India. And in order to address the issue, the debt-ridden national carrier has decided to not issue tickets to the government agencies that owe more than Rs 10 lakh unless they pay upfront, the Time of India said in a report.

The list of govt agencies that owe over Rs 10 lakh to Air India

The report said that Air India has drawn up a list of officials and the dues owed by them. A number of these officials are from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Enforcement Directorate (ED), the Intelligence Bureau to the Indian Audit Board, the Central Labour Institute, the Controller of Defence Accounts, the Border Security Force (BSF) and customs commissioners.

A source was quoted as saying that the dues owed by various government agencies to Air India for ticket purchases added up to a total of Rs 268 crore.

Airline prepares a ‘cash and carry’ list

The government agencies and their officials have been put on a ‘cash and carry’ list by the airline. However, the Airports Authority of India (AAI), the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Lok Sabha have been exempted from the rule by the airline. An Air India spokesperson had recently said that dues totalling Rs 50 crore have already been recovered in the last two weeks and had added that a defaulters’ list has proven to be effective.

The biggest share of dues are owed by the western region: Rs 22.8 crore. The Mumbai-based office of the Controller of Defence Accounts has the largest share in these defaults with outstanding dues of Rs 5.
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4 crore.

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