Glimpses of the Golden past: GRSE is a story of ‘dream and chase’

Kolkata: The genesis of Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.(GRSE) dates back to 1884 when it started its journey as a small workshop to repair vessels of River Steam Navigation Company. The Company was taken over by the Government of India in 1960 after which there was no looking back.

Delivery of the first warship of Independent India

The first warship of Independent India, INS Ajay was delivered to the Indian Navy in 1961 – which is within one year of being taken over by the Ministry of Defence. Over last 59 years, GRSE has built around 780 Platforms which include 100 warships to Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard & Government of Mauritius – the highest number of warships built and delivered by any shipyard of the country. From building 5 Ton Boats to 24600 Ton Fleet Tanker, GRSE has done it all and has proved its mettle as a pioneer warship builder of the nation.

Miniratna, Category-1 status

The company was conferred the status of a Mini Ratna Category 1 Company in the year 2006 and the shipyard has proudly received ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001 certification. The first warship for export by the Country was also delivered by GRSE to Mauritius in 2014 – our Offshore Patrol Vessel, named, CGS Barracuda.

Primary Role of GRSE has been to build warships and other vessels for the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. Over the years, GRSE has established ace capabilities in the field of in-house ship design & shipbuilding and has made a significant contribution to the success of indigenous warship construction programme in the country. GRSE has also emerged as a leading shipyard of India, building a wide array of vessels, from world-class Frigates to Fast Attack Crafts. The shipyard completed its infrastructure modernization and has successfully built an Integrated Shipbuilding Facility in 2013 in order to build quality ships in lesser timeframe with Modular Construction Technology.

Massive capacity of building 20 Warships simultaneously

GRSE currently boasts of its capacity to build 20 warships (8 large and 12 small) simultaneously. Apart from shipbuilding and ship repairing, the company has also diversified into engineering business with a product profile of Pre-fabricated Portable Steel Bridges, various Deck Machinery items and Assembly/ Testing/Overhauling of MTU Diesel Engines.