Hasan Minhaj tutors Tharoor in millenial lingo and his responses are hillarious

New Delhi: In the middle of the buzz surrounding the latest episode of Netflix’s Patriot Act, which centres on the upcoming 2019 General Elections, the show’s host Hasan Minhaj shared a short clip from the episode where Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is in the dock as Minhaj tests his knowledge of the millennial lingo. While Tharoor’s formidable use of the Queen’s language is not news to anyone, he was at a loss of words when quizzed by the comedian.

The gruelling examination

The Patriot Act star shared a video of an interview with Tharoor on Twitter, in which, Minhaj posed a list of words, typically associated with millennial lingo, to Tharoor, who was supposed to guess the meaning of each word. The Congress did not know the meaning of some of the words including “thicc”, “snacc”, “fleek” and “skrt skrt”.

Tharoor could not answer a single question correctly, in spite of his prolific vocabulary. He made brave attempts though to explain each word.

Tharoor’s brave attempt

When asked the meaning of “skrt skrt”, the former career international diplomat said, “Pretty girls walking by.” Minhaj corrected him, saying the real meaning of the word as the “Sound of a car when the breaks squeal.” Additionally, Tharoor was speechless when confronted with words such as “thicc” and “snacc”, which are words that millennials actually use.

Social media, however, was supportive of Tharoor, who has wowed people around the world with his exceptional use of the English language.