No work from home, Be Punctual and Be Regular: PM to ministers

In the first meeting of the new cabinet PM Modi asked the ministers to be in office on a regular basis, avoid work from home and be in office on time which will send out message loud and clear to the bottom of the pyramid
No work from home, Be Punctual and Be Regular: PM to ministers

New Delhi: PM Modi has given a clear signal of punctuality and discipline at the top level in the first-ever meeting of the new council of ministers Wednesday. PM has instructed the ministers to come office regularly avoiding work from home and reach office on time. The idea is to send the message out loud and clear about the seriousness at the top level of governance that would be emulated by those at the bottom.

Modi asked the senior ministers to take the responsibility of sharing experience with the new incumbents.
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Seeking to give more role to ministers of state, Modi said in order to improve productivity the important files should be shared with MoS by the cabinet ministers, sources said.

'Ensure faster clearance of files'

The movement and approval of files should be fast-paced and the cabinet minister and his junior colleague can sit together to clear proposals, PM instructed the new council. The ministers should discuss the latest developments in their respective ministry with officials as soon as they reach office on a regular basis. This will enhance the communication between the officials and the minister.

Ministers presented respective vision document

During the meeting of the council Narendra Singh Tomar, who was the parliamentary affairs minister in the previous government, gave a presentation on optimal utilisation of the Parliament session. The parliament session begins on Monday. Finance Minister Sitharaman also made a presentation on inviting inputs for the Union Budget which will be presented on July 5. Railway minister Piyush Goyal made a presentation on the five-year vision document for each Union ministry, the sources said.

'Stay connected to people'

PM asked the ministers that they should keep meeting party MPs and the general public too at the same time, on a regular basis. They can start the same by meeting MPs from their respective states. Modi also talked about the five-year agenda which every ministry has to formulate and an impactful decision needs to be taken in the first 100 days of the government. PM suggested that there is not much difference between a minister and an MP.

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