This 13-year-old boy teaches UPSC aspirants on YouTube

The ninth grader started his educative channel on YouTube when he was just 10 and is now one of most popular Indians on the online video streaming channel where he teaches UPSC aspirants
This 13-year-old boy teaches UPSC aspirants on YouTube

New Delhi: Amar Sathwik Thogiti is just 13, but he has already made waves on the Internet with over 1.8 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel, titled "Learn With Amar."  Born in the small town of Mancherial, Telangana, Thogiti is among the youngest and most popular Indians on the online video streaming channel. He started his educative channel when he was just 10 and helps UPSC civil services aspirants prepare for the exam.

From geography to political science

When Thogiti began his channel, he offered geography lessons where he taught YouTube users tricks to remember names of locations, countries, areas etc. Now, the ninth-grade student has made plans to expand the channel to economics and political science too.

Teaching runs in the family

Thogiti has been helped by his father, a government teacher and a resource person for training teachers in his district. What's more is that his younger brother too has joined in teaching people around the world, having already produced around a dozen videos.

An IAS aspirant himself

An Indian Administrative Services (IAS) aspirant himself, Thogiti says, "I want to become an IAS officer and make the country a better place. There are many rules in our country but they are not followed or implemented well. When I will become an IAS officer, I will ensure better execution."

Not bothered by negativity

"We also receive negative comments sometimes, especially when there are disputed territories involved. Since I only work on the videos in weekends and on weekdays I focus on my school curriculum, it does not bother me much," he said.

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