JetLite employees to approach NCLT on July 23

New Delhi: JetLite employees, who have been left in the lurch after the Jet Airways Resolution Professional turned down their claims, are planning to approach the National Company Law Tribunal on Tuesday.

The RP rejected the claim on July 19

On July 19, the RP, Ashish Chhawchharia, had shared details of the claims he had received. “The CIRP process of only Jet Airways (India) Limited has been initiated, the wholly-owned subsidiaries being a separate legal entity is outside the purview of the process and hence only the claims pertaining to Jet Airways (India) Limited shall be considered,” the RP had said.

This has posed a question mark over the salary arrears of JetLite employees. Before Jet shut down shop in April, there were 2,000 employees at JetLite. Now, a little less than half remain.

Claims amount to Rs 50 crore

“There shouldn’t be any confusion. We draw salary from the same company. We are on the payroll of Jet Airways, and base salary and other benefits are similar. The finance department is the same,” said Anil Shukla, a senior pilot with JetLite. “According to information we have collated, the claims amount to Rs 50 crore,” added Shukla.

The employees will be represented by lawyer Shekhar Nanvaty.
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The airline has not paid its employees since March. Arrears of pilots are higher.