Coal will remain prime source of energy for years: CMD WCL

In the Western Coalfields Limited's (WCL) workshop on 'Creating Future Leader ready People and Organisations' the CMD called upon the young managers to act as a leader of the industry
Coal will remain prime source of energy for years: CMD WCL

New Delhi: Taking the Leap- 'Workshop on creating Future Leader ready People & Organisations," concluded in Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) on Saturday. The workshop was concluded with a high note with enthralling sessions from eminent speakers i.e. WCL's Director (Personnel) Dr Sanjay Kumar and MangoBlue's Founder Sandra Walden Pearson. On the occasion, WCL's CMD Rajiv R Mishra was presented as chief guest whereas WCL's CVO Amit Kumar Srivastava was the guest of honour. While speaking on the occasion Mishra called upon the young managers to act as a leader of the industry. He emphasized that this is the time of change. Mishra opined that country is looking forward to youth for new beginnings in the interest of the nation. He said that Coal will remain a prime source of energy for years.

The workshop saw the participation of 123 officers from different subsidiaries of Coal India & different areas of WCL.

The workshop began with the introduction of our the guest speaker from Australia, Sandra Pearson following which she began the first session of the day by engaging the audience in an interactive game of kangaroos. After this icebreaker, she talked about different types of adaptations that we encounter in daily lives and how they are applicable in workplace scenarios.

Dr Sanjay Kumar's session talked about the genesis of Industrial Revolution 4.0 & the megatrends that are driving this latest revolution in the world. He also talked about various trends that are shaping the future of work and various skills that are required for the new age employees to survive in the era of 4.0. Finally, he dealt upon various coping strategies that can be used by organisations to become future-ready. The major take away from Dr Sanjay Kumar's session was that Taking the LEAP is no longer an option as the future is already here and preparing for the future is an inevitability and people & organisations should brace up to take this leap or they will be simple leapt away by others.

This eye-opening session was followed by Ms Sandra's last session for the day. This session was focused on how to cope with anxiety & stress which was wonderfully explained using principles of neuroscience. She touched upon the need for Emotional Intelligence in modern workplaces and why is it the most important skill that recruiters are looking for. Finally, she talked about how self-compassion can help is developing adaptive coping strategies, promotes mastery orientation & increases self-efficacy.

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