Discounted Fare Scheme for AC Chair Car by Sept end

Discounted Fare Scheme for AC Chair Car and Executive Class Sitting Accommodation will be Implemented by the End of Next Month
Discounted Fare Scheme for AC Chair Car by Sept end

New Delhi: A Discounted fare Scheme for AC Chair Car and Executive Class sitting accommodation is to be implemented from the end of next month. The Scheme shall be applicable for AC Chair car and Executive chair car accommodation like in Shatabdi, Gatimaan, Tejas, Double Decker, Intercity trains etc.

The Powers to discount these fares is delegated to Principal Chief Commercial Managers of Zonal Railways.  Only trains with monthly occupancy of less than 50% in the previous year are eligible for discount.

Discount to be offered can be upto 25 percent of the base fare. Reservation fee, superfast charge, GST, etc., as applicable will be separate.
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  Discount can be given for the first leg and/or the last leg of the journey and/or intermediate sections and/or end to end journey. There is a provision to make catering optional with the discounted fare.

Discounted fare can be for the full year, part of the year or month-wise or seasonal or for weekdays/weekend.

Accordingly, all Zonal Railways have been directed by the Commercial Directorate of the Railway Board to review the occupancy of all trains with Chair Car and Executive Class seating accommodation by the 30th of September 2019 and take suitable action.  This scheme is aimed at improving occupancy and earnings.

It is further decided that the existing discounted scheme in following trains shall continue as per the existing discounted principles

  •  12007/12008 Chennai Central-Mysuru Shatabdi Express over Benguluru-Mysuru-Bengaluru section,
  • 12010 Ahemdabad-Mumbai Centra Shatabdi train over Ahemdabad-Vadodara section
  • 12042 New Jalpaiguri-Horah Shatabdi Express over Jalpaiguri-Malda town section
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