‘Heartful communication’ needs purity and sincerity: Joshua

In a fully packed auditorium at SCOPE complex, author and violinist Joshua Pollock delivered the second lecture in Samvaad series organised by Delhi chapter of Public Relation Society Of India (PRSI)
‘Heartful communication’ needs purity and sincerity: Joshua

New Delhi: "They say that if there's no heart, no sincerity, you cannot produce pure music. Music produced without honesty is an imitation. Similarly, you cannot remove the heart from communication because with the unification of the mind and the heart, you tend to produce better results in communication" on these notes Joshua Pollock, author of "The Heartfulness Way" and a violinist delivered the second lecture in the Samvaad series. Samvaad is a series of lectures being organised by Delhi chapter of PRSI that are weaved around communication for industry professionals and PR fraternity.

"Win argument, win opinion but do not lose people"

Speaking at a fully packed auditorium Joshua said "PR professionals ought to understand that element of compassion is useful in storytelling. PR is all about swaying opinions and winning hearts. It is quite common to see that in order to win an argument, people tend to lose someone's heart. Anger management comes into the picture. It is crucial to cogitate: "How does the other person feel about us?"

Striking the right chord with the crowd Joshua said "He who has understood that feeling is the language of the heart has in fact mastered the art of communication."

"Route communication through heartfulness"

Speaking about the success of the event Naresh Kumar, chairman, PRSI-Delhi said "as expected the Samvaad 2.0 too went exactly the way we wanted to, and Joshua was absolutely magical. He introduced the audiences to concepts of mental facilities, pull and push mechanisms and how preconceived notions tend to develop in human beings. What we learnt today is that if communication is not routed through heartfulness, it is counterfeit"
General Secretary of PRSI-Delhi S.S. Rao said "Samvaad with Joshua Pollock was one of kind event that actually had many facets. He did not just speak at length about how important it is to be heartful for being a meaningful communicator, also introduced the crowd to meditation that is useful for people in all walks of life".

Delhi PRSI's member Vinod Agrahari (Consultant CC, IRCON) delivered the welcome note while GS Bawa gave the vote of thanks.  The whole team of representatives of the chapter including chairman Naresh Kumar (GM, Corp. Comm.,POWERGRID), Vice-Chairman HS Paul (Delhi Bureau Chief, Daily Excelsior), General Secretary SS Rao (AGM (CC), PFC), Joint Secretary Sarvesh Tiwari (MD, PR Professionals) Treasurer JP Sharma, PRO Akshat Chopra (CC, Powergrid) and Tanvi Singhal, Sr. Executive, REC were present at the event.

Renowned PR & media professionals from the private and public sector attended Samvaad 2.0

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