India to bring in BS-VI emission norms 4 years ahead of schedule

‘The Narendra Modi government had decided to introduce BS VI vehicles in 2022 but because of rising air pollution, it was advanced by four years’
India to bring in BS-VI emission norms 4 years ahead of schedule

New Delhi: BS-VI emission norms, which is expected to reduce vehicular pollution drastically, will be implemented from next year Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said. Speaking at a function organised a day after World Environment Day, Javadekar said that the Narendra Modi government had decided to introduce BS (Bharat Stage) IV vehicles in 2022 but keeping in mind the rapidly deteriorating air quality, it was advanced by four years.

The minister said that from 2020, BS-VI compliant vehicles will be available.

'Vehicular pollution will drastically reduce with this effort'

"Delhi's air began deteriorating in 2007. Narendra Modi government took the challenge with a solution-oriented approach. That is why a decision was taken to jump to BS IV fuel vehicles, which were to be shifted to by 2022, fours years in advance… Now in Delhi and in other places, from 2020 onwards, BS VI fuel will be available and such vehicles will also be prepared for which lot of hard work is required. But it is a commitment and it will be fulfilled. Vehicular pollution will drastically reduce with this effort," he said and added that over Rs 60,000 crores have been invested in this direction.

'Air pollution is a global issue'

While noting that air pollution was not an issue that affected only India, rather something that the whole world is facing, Javadekar said that it requires concerted efforts by all stakeholders to deal with the challenge. "Air pollution is there. But it is not a question mark just for India. It is a global issue. Every country reels under pollution because the population is increasing and so are facilities. We all are working to meet this challenge. UN-led global climate change and clean air coalition is being made and India will be a part of it and will do good work," he said.
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'Peripheral road has drastically reduced pollution'

"The peripheral road around Delhi was pending for the last 20 years. We have completed it in the last four years. Its completion has reduced the entry of trucks to Delhi and has, in turn, reduced the pollution caused by them. Only a small patch is left to be finished and once that is done, no truck will pass through Delhi to reach other destinations. This step will reduce a lot of pollution," he said.

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