Yes, there’s an NBCC way of life. And here’s what it looks like

PSU Watch attempted to invade the company’s premises like a shadow and through the bunch of photos below, tried to capture a workday in motion
Yes, there’s an NBCC way of life. And here’s what it looks like
New Delhi: The journey of one of India's major state-owned real estate businesses starts backwards. NBCC was established as National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited on November 15, 1960, as a private limited company and was subsequently changed to a public limited company by a special resolution of the members of the company on May 24, 2011. It is currently a bluechip Navratna company. If you have a look at the growth of the company in the past 5-6 years, the shares of construction giant rose 2100 per cent on November 7, 2017, from an adjusted price of Rs 6.50 as of April 12, 2012. PSU Watch attempted to invade the company's premises like a shadow and tried to capture a workday in motion. Here's proof.


The doorstep. Shall we?


'No space like my workplace.' You will have to believe it when you enter Dr Mittal's commodious and generously built chamber.

The morning ritual. In the picture is Dr Anoop Kumar Mittal (left), CMD of NBCC, in his office with Manas Kaviraj, CGM (HR).


It is said that there are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. You may take the latter in the literal sense here: the CMD's pen.


The exchanges of a morning meeting, as Buddha looks over from the wall. The picture captures a meeting that Dr Mittal is having with his employees in the morning in his spacious, swanky room.


'Have I made my point and are you on board?' Another frame that captures Dr Mittal in motion



Meanwhile, at the morning meeting: 'all hands on the deck,' said he.



The view from the head of the table as the meeting progresses.


The officers who man the CMD's secretariat. Yes, he has one. The secretariat's function is to act like a link between the CMD and the rest of the departments and the various zonal offices

Thomas J Watson had said, "If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work." The picture that tells the story of Navratna NBCC.



'It's routine but it's nice.' A portrait of a man at his work desk. The picture captures an employee of the Central Procurement Group (CPG) of NBCC.



'How do you crack the numbers?' she asked herself at the crossroad. A portrait of a woman at work on her desk. The floor that houses the CPG also houses the Human Resources department.



'Occupying the middle slot, are you?' An employee of the NBCC's CPG division caught in the midst of a conversation with colleagues.



'Let's go over the template?' The picture captures an employee leaning over a cubicle wall, trying to speak over others in order to be audible to his colleague.



The Eureka moment in a workday. Another employee of the HR division.



What do you love the most at NBCC? Well, all that we do at corporate communications division.



The junior and the senior at work.


A portrait of a woman on a quest in the midst of a workday.



Managing people and technology snarls in a 21st-century world. Kaviraj at work in his cabin.



Another portrait of a woman at work.



'Did you mention 'a balance sheet'?' An employee of the finance department. This section is responsible for handling proposals, monitoring financial concurrency, managing funds and arranging them, internal audit etc. They are, as they put it, the 'custodians' of the process.



The way you keep your cubicle shows how much you are in love with your organisation. We found this the most beautiful workstation at NBCC. The award goes to you, honey!



'Hey!' The customary greetings when the eyes meet. The picture was taken in some corner of the finance department.



'I have your back, mate!'



'Mmmm…what is it?'



'Let's go over the details once more.' On the table is BK Sokhey, Executive Director (Finance) at NBCC.



'Are you looking over my shoulder, Mister?'



Faces caught in the midst of a discussion moderated with patience.



A lavish sunbath! The picture shows solar panels installed on NBCC rooftop.



Homely, everyday meals being served on the rooftop cafeteria. Employees line up to get their trays outside the kitchen.



The first bite of the mid-workday meal. An employee having lunch in the rooftop cafeteria at NBCC.



'Cook it on high flames, like that.' Lessons and scenes from the rooftop cafeteria.



'You can talk. I am listening.



The lunch break conversations we all have.



The one on the lunch table, who is never really there.



The women at their respective places of work. Captured in the kitchen at the rooftop cafeteria.



The ones who stand guard. Also, stand tall in the NBCC lobby.



And that's a wrap.

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