Meet Jitendra Narain, an upright IAS on ‘Effective Bureaucrats’ 2019 list

New Delhi: Jitendra Narain is one of the chosen 50 bureaucrats who has made it to the much-coveted list of top effective and efficient bureaucrats list prepared by Fame India, Asia Post, and PSU Watch. Jitendra Narain has an image of an upright officer who would stand out and go even beyond the line of duty to ensure transparent action. The difference between those who think and maintain status-quo, and those who do. Narain took actions on high-profile cases of corruption when it was an unsaid practice for other officers to let them be as they are. He came in the limelight for the first time when he boldly carried out raids in Chandra Swami's ashrams during the latter's heydays under the premiership of PV Narsimha Rao. For doing this, he was immediately removed from his post.

Illustrious career

Narain's outstanding work among lepers in Delhi won accolades from the International NGO Hope Foundation. His work among the blind and the Mentally challenged also got recognition and praise from national and international NGOs. He worked tirelessly to reform the ICDS mid-day meal nexus. During the chief ministership of Sheila Dixit, he raided six adoption houses that were indulging in illegal actions. The crackdown created much uproar and political heartburn but led to large-scale reform in adoption by the government. He also exposed the racket of pensions to over 30,000 dead persons and then also made a transparent and improved system of verification. During his stint with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), he took a principled stand against the whims of the now-infamous meat Mafia in the tender of slaughterhouses, much to the chagrin of the then Commissioner and the political bosses.

When he was the Labour Commissioner of Delhi, he ordered the prosecution and sealing of one of the largest and most connected private builders of India for serious violations. For taking his stand, he was again promptly transferred out of Delhi to the tough terrains of Arunachal Pradesh for the second time. His single-handed unflinching stand in the 11,000-crore plus TDPs computerisation tender during the tenure of Sharad Pawar and his awarding it to NIC at a 100-odd crore is well documented and praiseworthy and the then Prime Minister himself intervened to protect Narain from the vested political and bureaucratic interests. Corruption, like cancer, is infecting our society rapidly but there are officers like Narain standing guard against this infection despite the tremendous personal cost they are made to pay.

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Early life

A 1990 batch (AGMU cadre) IAS officer Jitendra Narain was born in the prestigious Raibahadur family of Begusarai, Bihar, on October 19, 1966. He did his schooling from St. Paul, Darjeeling. He did his BA and MA in History from St Stephens, Delhi University. Narain's tenure spanning around three decades have established him as an experienced and effective bureaucrat who is equally efficient in drafting and execution of public policies from migrants, OBCS food bill and masterplan. Narain was driving leader that executed the division of Delhi into 9 districts and the Delhi sarkar aapke dwar– programme and was awarded the international CAPAM Award recognition. His works also found recognition and mentions as best practices in the Dopt and Administrative Reforms compilation booklet on the occasion of 50th anniversary of independence.

Criterion of Selection

The parameters for the selection of Jitendra Narain were: Effective governance, sagacious decision making, Responsible working, Professional attitude, behaviour with people at large and the ability to take quick and impactful decisions. His integrity, dedication to his work being a man of action makes him an outstanding bureaucrat. PSU Watch wishes him luck for the rest of his tenure.

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