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Meet Kolkata’s ‘Femcee Frosty,’ one of the few Gully Girls of India

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Nine years after developing an interest in rapping, 20-year-old is breaking stereotypes this International Women’s Day

Kolkata: Rajshika Kori, a 20-year-old college student in Kolkata started taking a keen interest in rapping since 2011 and nine years onwards, she now performs on venues as ‘Femcee Frosty,’ proving to be a trendsetter for female rappers in India. In the years gone by, which even saw the release of the box office hit Gully Boy, she has noticed a stark difference in the industry.

Breaking stereotype in male-dominated scene

Even though she doesn’t make the money she is hoping for — having to do free gigs sometimes — Kori is proud to be amongst the few female rappers in the male-dominated industry.

Kori urges women to follow their dreams

Interestingly, Kori claims she is a commoner just like Ranveer Singh’s character in ‘Gully Boy,’ but she hopes that her work can inspire other girls to pursue a career of their passion. Besides holding a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, she is also a graffiti artist and hopes to combine her passions for graffiti and computers with rapping.

“I used to listen to international artists on TV like Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus and Greenday when I was in Class 5. One day, when I heard Eminem rapping, I knew this was something I could do. I like the shouting, singing and rapping with the audience loving the combination,” she said.

‘Femcee Frosty’ has already recorded an album comprising seven songs and is hopeful of gathering funds for the project.

“I organise my own events plus I get calls from event organizers to perform at their events. My parents are supportive about my passion for rapping, but they do express their concern when I have to stay out late for shows,” she adds.

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