NCST recommends to include Ladakh under 6th Schedule

New Delhi: National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has written to Union Home Minister & Union Tribal Affairs Minister conveying recommendation to include Union Territory of Ladakh under 6th schedule of the constitution of India. The meeting of NCST was held on Wednesday in New Delhi under the chairmanship of Dr Nand Kumar Sai to deliberate the issue of inclusion of UT of Ladakh under fifth/sixth schedule of the Constitution of India.

The Scheduled Tribe population represent 66.8 percent in Leh, 73.35 percent in Nubra, 97.05 percent in Khalsti, 83.49 per cent in Kargil, 89.96 per cent in Sanku and 99.16 per cent in Zanskar areas of the Ladakh region. The official figures, however, do not include a number of communities including Sunni Muslims in the region, who are claiming for Scheduled Tribe status. Taking into account this, the total tribal population in Ladakh region is more than 97 percent.

The Commission after careful consideration recommended that the Union Territory of Ladakh be brought under the sixth schedule of the Constitution. The Commission said that this will help in democratic devolution of powers, preserve and promote the distinct culture of the region, protect agrarian rights including rights on land, enhance the transfer of funds for speedy development of Ladakh region.