Arcis Saxophon Quartett to perform at Amarrass Nights on November 17

Arcis Saxophon Quartett to perform at Amarrass Nights on November 17

New Delhi, Nov 15 (PTI) Munich’s Arcis Saxophon Quartett are set to enthral audiences with their performance at Amarrass Nights, a platform to promote and nurture folk artistes, at Sunder Nursery here on Friday.

Renowned Rajasthani folk band Barmer Boys and contemporary Jazz band Syncopation will also perform at the November chapter of Amarrass Nights, organised by Gurgaon-based label Amarrass Records and Amarrass Society for Performing Arts.

'Amarrass Nights, held at iconic locations across Delhi, is a well-recognised platform where living legends, well-known and upcoming musicians are showcased. The gorgeous, relaxed Sunder Nursery is the perfect setting to celebrate music and musicians.

'And the concert we have organised this month -- 'Sax, Jazz and the sound of Dunes' -- will be one of a kind. It will transport Delhi's music aficionados to enchanting European cities and the dunes of Rajasthan,' Ashutosh, co-founder of Amarrass Records, said in a statement.

Munich-based Arcis Saxophon Quartett is one of the most vibrant classical ensembles globally. The quartet specialises in Broadway show tunes, works by composers from the 20th century as well as contemporary and classical chamber music.

'This season we celebrate 15 years of Arcis - and our first time in India. We can't wait to play at Amarrass Nights to share our music and our vision, that the saxophone conquers the classical stages of the world. Just like its inventor Adolphe Sax intended,” Claus Hierluksch of Arcis Saxophon Quartett said.

Founded in 2009, Syncopation is led by guitarist and composer Risshi S Sachdeva, and plays an eclectic mix of modern jazz blended with elements of funk, swing and bebop.

Their music is characterized by soulful melodies, modern grooves and frenzied improvisations, showcasing their unique approach to Jazz as an evolving art form.

'Super Excited to be part of the Amarrass Nights. It's gonna be a night to remember. We will be performing material from our new album 'The Indian Sky' along with our older classics which our fans love,' Sachdeva said.

Barmer Boys is the next generation of performers carrying forward the centuries-old musical traditions of the Manganiyars.

They are known for their versatile set list, which include soulful Sufi kalaams, Krishna bhajans, uplifting wedding and celebratory songs, boisterous jams with beat-boxing and live DJ fusion. PTI RB BK BK

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