A bad day at home can lead to a bad day at work, says professionals' survey

A bad day at home can lead to a bad day at work, says professionals' survey

Mumbai, Nov 15 (PTI) Around two-thirds of professionals surveyed believe that a 'bad day at home' can indeed lead to a 'bad day at work', highlighting the role of family support for a good professional life, says a report.

Around 69 per cent of respondents feel that difficult personal life can lead to stressful time in the office and lower efficiency as well, the report by staffing solutions and HR services provider Genius Consultants said.

Family support is as crucial for a good professional life and better work productivity, it added.

Around 69 per cent of respondents felt that a 'bad day at home' can indeed lead to a 'bad day at work' for any employee, which emphasises the interconnectedness of personal and professional life and the potential spillover effect of personal issues into the workplace, the report said.

The report by Genius Consultants is based on an online survey among 1,088 professionals during the period August 20 to September 26, across sectors including BFSI, construction and engineering, education, FMCG, hospitality, HR solutions, IT, ITES and BPO, logistics, manufacturing, media, oil and gas, pharma and medical, power and energy, real estate, retail, telecom, auto and ancillary.

The report also revealed that 78 per cent of respondents think that an unruly and unorganised personal life can lead to indiscipline at the workplace.

Maintaining a structured personal life seems to be crucial for maintaining discipline and professionalism at work, the report noted.

When asked about the role of a supportive family in an employee's professional life, 70 per cent of respondents believe it plays a significant role.

Specifically, 15 per cent of the professionals think it improves work efficiency, 9 per cent believe it allows employees to strive for professional growth, and 6 per cent feel it increases concentration and dedication towards work, the report added.

In the context of remote work, 77 per cent of employees stated that family support is crucial for a professional work environment, the report revealed.

Among these respondents, 15 per cent highlighted the importance of peaceful surroundings, 6 per cent valued having work area privacy, and 2 per cent emphasised the need for minimal disturbance for personal requirements, it stated.

Meanwhile, the report also found that 71 per cent of those interviewed feel that all the mentioned factors and support from family motivate employees to perform better in their organisations.

Among these, 17 per cent believe that standing by employees through professional ups and downs is essential, while 10 per cent emphasise the role of providing moral support, and 2 per cent recognise the importance of understanding organisational requirements during extended work hours, it added.

'These findings provide valuable insights into the interplay between family life and professional success, particularly for mid and senior-level employees. A contented family life serves as a bedrock upon which employees can build their careers,' Genius Consultants Chairman and Managing Director R P Yadav said.

Employers and HR professionals can use these findings to foster a work environment that acknowledges and supports employees' personal well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity, he added. PTI SM MR

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