'Neecha Rajakarana': CM Siddaramaiah's son Yathindra reacts to cash-for-posting scam allegations

'Neecha Rajakarana': CM Siddaramaiah's son Yathindra reacts to cash-for-posting scam allegations

Mysuru, Nov 18 (PTI) Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's son Yathindra who is mired in a controversy related to the alleged 'cash-for-posting' scam, said those hurling baseless charges against him were indulging in 'Neecha Rajakaarana' (low-level politics).

Yathindra said in the video which has been shared as a proof of 'transfer business,' he did not speak about money or even transfer.

'I had only spoken regarding school related works in my constituency using CSR funds. I spoke regarding the list pertaining to it,' the former MLA said.

He slammed former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy for levelling allegations against him.

'He (Kumaraswamy) always spoke about transfer business. He was also in power and became the chief minister. His entire family is in politics. He too got the officers of his choice posted in his constituency. So that was also a business?' Yathindra sought to know.

General transfers do take place, he added.

'Leaders and workers give lists and request letters of their relatives or the officers who do not work properly. I too forward them to the CM. If he wants he will do it or else, not,' Yathindra explained.

According to him, one should call anything a business only if there is some financial dealing happening.

'He (Kumaraswamy) should not make false accusations by simply calling everything corruption. What he is doing is 'Neecha Rajakarana',' Yathindra said.

Yathindra found himself embroiled in a controversy on Thursday after a video, where he was seen issuing certain instructions on phone, went viral on social media.

The opposition BJP and JD(S) have alleged that the conversation was related to 'cash for postings' scam.

The Chief Minister has categorically denied the charge, saying Yathindra was discussing the list of beneficiary schools for the development under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds. PTI GMS SS

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