Now, train drivers will rate skills of their assistants for better coordination

Now, train drivers will rate skills of their assistants for better coordination

New Delhi, Nov 17 (PTI) Train drivers, also called loco pilots, will rate their assistants on an android-based mobile application for team work, alertness and safety skills to enhance team work and coordination for safe train operations.

The Railway Board has approved a scheme under which it has asked the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) to develop a provision for the same on the existing application -- CMS/Chalak Dal -- which is officially used by the railways for the management of crew working.

Two drivers - one loco pilot (LP) and one assistant loco pilot (ALP) - are deployed in a train. The ALP helps the LP drive the train by performing functions such as calling out the signals and landmarks on the route for alertness and speed management among others.

'At present, there is no system in place for performance evaluation of an ALP by the LP with whom he performs duty of working on trains for 8-10 hrs,' the Board said in a letter addressed to the Managing Director of CRIS and General Managers of all Zonal Railways.

'Performance evaluation of ALPs by their respective LPs after every trip is expected to inculcate discipline and groom them better for future. The evaluation would also help the system in deciding their deployment on trains,' the letter, accessed by PTI, added.

Directing the CRIS to expeditiously start working on it, the Board said grading of ALPS by respective LPs on CMS/Chalak Dal app shall be made mandatory after every trip.

'LPs shall have to grade the performance at the time of 'Sign Off' or before their next 'Sign On',' the letter read, adding that there are three parameters on which grading shall be done on the scale of 1 to 5.

These parameters are (a) discipline and behaviour (Team work), (b) alertness and call outs and (c) checking of under-gear safety items during stoppages.

The Board has clarified that these grading shall be considered for screening for deployment and booking of ALPs on coaching trains and these will not affect promotional prospects of ALPs.

'The CRIS is advised to develop the provision on CMS/Chalak dal expeditiously and advise all zonal railways in accordance,' the Board's letter said. PTI JP CK CK

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