Bangladesh PM Hasina says global leaders' “trust deficit” allows continued unrest

Bangladesh PM Hasina says global leaders' “trust deficit” allows continued unrest

Dhaka, Nov 17 (PTI) Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday said the 'trust deficit' among nations and the lack of respect for international laws have led to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the carnage in Palestine, urging global leaders to be united to put an end to the conflicts.

'These conflicts call for an urgent need to create genuine trust and mutual respect among the warring nations and involved international actors,' Hasina said during the virtual address of two-day 2nd Voice of Global South Summit hosted by her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

The Bangladesh premier particularly expressed her profound concern at the “tragic, inhuman existence of the hapless Palestinians in the face of merciless carnage” and said: “It is time for all of us to unite as one world and demand the end of the conflict'.

The summit titled 'Together for Everyone's Growth with Everyone's Trust' drew participants from 125 countries.

Hasina joined the event virtually from her Ganobhaban official residence here.

She regretted that Global South was being exposed to hardships and new challenges as “there have now appeared sanctions and counter-sanctions” due to trust deficit.

'In this critical time, the world must unite as one and strengthen 'Everyone's Trust' to achieve 'Everyone's Growth',' the premier said.

Hasina said the mutual trust and enhanced global unity appeared more crucial as “our world is plagued with unbearable poverty, undesirable inequality, intolerable terrorism, and the catastrophic threat of climate change'.

The premier appreciated Prime Minister Modi for convening the '2nd Voice of the Global South Summit 2023' and for “constantly raising the voice of the Global South all through the G20 Presidency'.

Hasina said the Global South was poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this hemisphere as “we are often vulnerable to various socio-economic challenges”.

She said these challenges could be addressed by allowing more space and voice for the Global South to enable the creation of a more equitable and peaceful world based on 'Everyone's Trust'.

“Bangladesh, in this regard, remains committed... Bangladesh stands ready to share with the Global South our experiences on achieving food security, free housing, community healthcare, women's empowerment, and climate adaptation, Hasina said, stressing the “importance of South-South and Triangular Cooperation for the promotion of global human development”. PTI AR PY PY PY

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