Genesys International partners with Survey of India for building digital twin of cities

Genesys International partners with Survey of India for building digital twin of cities

New Delhi, Nov 22 (PTI) Home-grown mapping company Genesys International has signed a pact with Survey of India to leverage its resources for building digital twins of major towns and cities in the country.

With this, Genesys International will get access to technological and data resources that Survey of India has developed since its establishment in 1767.

Surveyor General of India Hitesh Kumar Makwana said that this is the first Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the department has signed with a private company for the development of geospatial content and called upon other players to collaborate with it for leveraging resources that the department has.

'In line with National Geospatial Policy 2022, Survey of India (SoI) has commenced collaboration with the industry beginning with Genesys International to deliver geospatial content which will be created with reference to the National Geodetic Framework. SoI is willing to collaborate with industry partners for utilising the modern surveying techniques and leveraging the expertise of the Indian private sector,' Makwana said.

Genesys has developed its own technology for creating 3D (three-dimensional) versions of map that can show the buildings along with a 2D layer of the map.

'The 3D Digital Twin aimed to be created will be used by government departments for various new initiatives. The integration of our CORS technology with the surveying expertise of the private sector will enhance the usability and reliability of geospatial data, unlocking new possibilities for India's development. We are looking for the future possibilities that this SoI-Industry collaboration holds and it would be useful for the larger public needs,' Makwana said.

Genesys International Chairman and Managing Director Sajid Malik said that the collaboration with SoI will help the company in saving as well as leveraging data of SoI which comes with a high level of precision.

'We will use the data to develop the digital twin of cities in India. We partner with several government departments like urban town planners, telecom companies etc. The Digital Twin map of cities helps them in planning action for their business.

'We have created a navigational 2D map of the entire country and 3D map of around 10 cities. We have created a live view for Google and will partner with other companies who use map for providing services to end customers,' Malik said.

He said collaboration with SoI will help Genesys in getting precise co-ordinates of city, town, and state boundaries. PTI PRS SHW

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