Cong 'insulting' Gurjars in Rajasthan: PM Modi

Cong 'insulting' Gurjars in Rajasthan: PM Modi

Jaipur, Nov 23 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said a Gurjar's son who gave his life to the Congress was removed like a fly from milk after the party came to power in Rajasthan, a reference to Sachin Pilot and his father Rajesh Pilot.

Sachin Pilot, who lost his post as state Congress president and deputy chief minister for rebelling against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, had hit back at Modi on Wednesday after the prime minister made similar remarks.

Addressing a rally in Rajsamand, Modi said, 'A Gurjar son struggles to make his space in politics, gives his life to the party and after coming to power, the royal family removes him like a fly in milk'.

'They did the same with late Rajesh Pilot and are doing the same with his son,' he said, adding the Congress has been 'insulting' Gurjars now and in the past.

Prime Minister Modi had on Wednesday accused the Congress of punishing Sachin Pilot after meting out the same treatment to his father Rajesh Pilot, saying anyone who speaks the truth in the party is shunted out of politics.

Pilot is a Gurjar community leader and the community had voted the Congress into power from Eastern Rajasthan.  Hitting out further at the Congress, the prime minister said that Rajasthan has never seen a more 'anti-women' government than the current Congress regime. PTI AG SDA DV

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