It was Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary when India lost World Cup final, says Assam CM

It was Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary when India lost World Cup final, says Assam CM

Hyderabad, Nov 22 (PTI) Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday gave a new twist to the ongoing political row over India's loss in the cricket World Cup final, saying that the final was played on Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary Sarma, who addressed an election rally here, alleged that the opposition parties are 'in cahoots' with those opposed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said he would like to tell the BCCI that it should ensure in future that a final match is not organised on the day which coincides with the birthday of a Nehru-Gandhi family member.

'That day India vs Australia World Cup match happened. We were winning every game. Lost the final. Then I came and saw. What was that day? Why we lost? We are Hindus and I go according to the day, etc. Then I saw the world cup final was played on such a day which was also Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary,' he said.

'The World Cup final was held on Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary and the country lost. That's why, I want to tell BCCI that if you do world cup final game, make a calculation. That day should not be linked to Gandhi family. Otherwise, the country will lose,' he said.

He asked the gathering to search on the internet about the day the final match was played which happened to be Indira Gandhi's birth anniversary.

That's why he tells all and the BCCI to ensure that the final 'should not be (held on) any birthday of Gandhi family,' he said.

'Otherwise, there will be trouble,' he said.

Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in the country, he added.

Sarma, however, did not make any reference to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's comments of 'PM means Panauti Modi'.

A political row broke out on Tuesday with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying 'PM means Panauti Modi', insinuating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi brings bad luck, with the BJP denouncing his comment as 'shameful and disgraceful' and demanding an apology.

Prime Minister Modi attended the World Cup final in Ahmedabad. PTI SJR VVK SS

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