Identity of newspaper due to credibility of its content: Himachal DyCM Agnihotri

Identity of newspaper due to credibility of its content: Himachal DyCM Agnihotri

Shimla, Nov 16 (PTI) The identity of a newspaper or any journal is based on the credibility of its content, Himachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri said on Thursday.

Truth, objectivity, transparency and impartiality are expected in journalism and the media has the responsibility of presenting important social events, information related to the work of the government and other information to society on the basis of truth and facts, he said while presiding over a National Press Day function here.

According to a statement issued here on Thursday, the deputy chief minister, speaking on the theme of 'Role of media in the era of artificial intelligence', said the impact of digitization can be clearly seen in the field of journalism, particularly during the last two decades.

The role of social media is also continuously increasing, he noted.

'People make use of the memory, processing capabilities, and cognitive talents provided by the brain and this human intellect is acquired via the process of learning through a variety of experiences and situations, whereas robots are unable to think in an abstract manner or make conclusions based on the experiences of the past and this is a big difference in the world of AI, which has to be realized by the media while reporting,' said Agnihotri, a journalist-turned-politician.

He said there has been a sea change in the field of journalism and new technologies and techniques were being adopted by the media world.

'In this era of social media, even print media and electronic media have its own importance which will never diminish. Every person has become a medium of information and communication as the Information Technology expanded and various videos related to the damage caused by the recent natural disaster were circulated by the people through social media,' the deputy chief minister said. PTI BPL CK

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