Rajasthan Minister Dhariwal challenges Modi to prove allegations by ordering probe in Chambal Riverfront death

Rajasthan Minister Dhariwal challenges Modi to prove allegations by ordering probe in Chambal Riverfront death

Kota (Rajasthan), Nov 22 (PTI) Rajasthan Urban Development and Housing Minister Shanti Dhariwal on Wednesday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally in Kota a 'flop show' as he challenged him to investigate the death of an engineer in Chambal Riverfront which he has been accused of causing.

Dhariwal, speaking to the media at his Civil Lines house, said there have been several PMs in the past but none like the current one who made personal allegations against him without proof.

'You are Central Government, and the Prime Minister with all investigating agencies under you....go ahead with an investigation,' Dhariwal said.

The allegations against Dhariwal stem from the death of metal bell designer Devender Arya and his aide, who on Sunday came under a 75-kg bell while taking it out of the mould with the help of a crane in the Chambal Riverfront. Both died in the hospital during treatment later.

On violation of wildlife and environment norms in Chambal Riverfront, Dhariwal claimed there was no violation of any norms as the area did not require any permission from the wildlife department.

Dhariwal also slammed the prime minister for the delay in the construction of Kota airport alleging that the central government in the last 10 years did only a topographical survey and soil testing of the proposed Kota airport.

He alleged that the Center only created hurdles in the construction of the airport and did not allocate any funds for it. In the metal bell death, Dhariwal said Arya was an asset to the nation and he never rushed him to mount the bell.

In the wake of the engineer's death, his son, Dhananjaya Arya had accused Dhariwal, who is also a local MLA, and chief architect Anoop Bartaria of mounting pressure on his father to unlock the bell from 27 casting mould boxes before its set timeline.

Arya, 62, a resident of Jodhpur and his assistant Chotu Singh, 20, a resident of Dholpur sustained critical injuries in the mishap while they were engaged in the process of hanging a heavy metal bell from mould boxes with the help of a hydraulic crane. PTI COR VN VN

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