Green Dream Foundation marks a significant milestone towards transparent & accountable waste management by adopting Satma CE software

Green Dream Foundation marks a significant milestone towards transparent & accountable waste management by adopting Satma CE software

MUMBAI, India, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Green Dream Foundation, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and waste management, is proud to announce its adoption of Satma CE operational software to enhance traceability and transparency in its waste collection activities.

In the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the need for traceability and transparency has become increasingly vital, especially within the context of waste management. The current state of traceability in the waste management sector is fragmented, leading to challenges in ensuring accountability and visibility throughout the waste management process, from collection to dispatch to recycling and beyond. Green Dream Foundation recognizes the significance of this issue and has taken a proactive step towards addressing it through the integration of Satma CE software into its operations.

Green Dream Foundation is currently utilizing Satma CE for its ambitious project in Jajpur (Orissa), India a collaboration with Jindal Stainless Limited. This ground breaking initiative, marked by the hashtag #MyJajpurMyResponsibility, encompasses a comprehensive approach to waste management, including Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities, waste collection and segregation. The foundation has established its own Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for the secondary segregation of wet and dry waste. The segregated waste is subsequently directed to authorized waste management centers and recyclers.

Satma CE operational software is set to revolutionize the way Green Dream Foundation manages its operations. The software will offer batch-wise traceability, from the moment waste is collected to the segregation of each batch, and finally to the dispatch of materials to recyclers and waste management centers. Traceability reports will include batch-specific images of the collected materials and provide comprehensive details regarding their source. This data will enable Green Dream Foundation to evaluate the profitability or loss associated with each batch of material received at their centers, while also offering greater transparency to stakeholders.

Varun Karasia, CEO of Satma CE, expressed his excitement regarding the collaboration, saying, 'We are very happy to embark on this journey with Green Dream Foundation, an organization that has been doing excellent work in waste collection and segregation for a while now. Assisting them in achieving their dream of providing traceability to stakeholders has been an exciting endeavour for us to witness.' Ashish Sachdeva, the founder president of Green Dream Foundation, added, 'The Satma CE team truly understands the challenge of bringing transparency to complex supply chains, such as the waste management supply chains in India, and has developed a unique tool to enable and facilitate this transition towards greater traceability. We believe that combining the unique skill set of the Satma CE team with the deep sector expertise of Green Dream Foundation will allow both of us to accelerate the drive for supply chain transparency in this industry.' About Satma CE: Satma CE is a leading platform with a protocol developed for circular economy materials, providing verified end-to-end traceability of supply chains. It enabling you to track real time process, drive efficiency, stream line operations, get traceability & sustainability data of any product through simple QR code scanning. It also empowers businesses to optimize their inventory processes and make informed decisions. For more information, please visit For more information, please contact: Varun Karasia Satma CE +91-8080500600 Ashish Sachdeva Green Dream Foundation +91-9910857735 Photo: (Disclaimer: The above press release comes to you under an arrangement with PRNewswire and PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.). PTI PWR PWR

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