Parent in TN alleges his daughter was harassed in school over 'beef' question

Parent in TN alleges his daughter was harassed in school over 'beef' question

Coimbatore, Nov 22 (PTI) The Muslim parent of a Class 7 girl student on Wednesday alleged that a woman teacher at a government high school, where his child studied, harassed her by asking whether she ate beef.

In the class, the child was tasked to clean the shoes of other students using her 'parda' and was tormented this way too, the parent alleged.

'The child was asked if she ate beef. She was told by the teacher that such people will only be arrogant,' he alleged.

In the meanwhile, a video clip of the child making the allegation also surfaced in the social media. She has alleged that she was also slapped by the teacher.

Speaking to reporters, the father of the child said though the matter was taken up twice with the school chief and a petition was lodged with police authorities, the issue has not been resolved.

A police official, after holding enquiries, assured them that there would be no trouble of any sort for the child.

The response from the school head, over their complaint, was not satisfactory and a male teacher also used abusive language against the child, the parent and another person who represented the family told reporters here.

The scenario of harassment has not changed in the state-run girls school during the past about two months, they alleged.

Now, the district education authorities have been petitioned and they have assured swift action, they said.

The district school authorities have commenced enquiries into the complaint. PTI VGN VGN SS

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