Severe lack of accountability within US government: Ex-Trump admin official Kash Patel

Severe lack of accountability within US government: Ex-Trump admin official Kash Patel

Washington, Nov 23 (PTI) There is a severe lack of accountability within the US government by the people who are in position and have broken the law, according to an Indian-American attorney and a former Trump Administration official whose new book talks about the 'deep state' and is highly critical of the American bureaucracy.

Kash Patel’s latest book “Government Gangster” alleges that the US bureaucracy is highly infiltrated or dominated by a section of the people who break the law.

“The drive behind it (writing the book) was (that) after 16 years in government (during) both Democrat and Republican administrations, it became apparent to me that, through my roles, there was a lack of accountability severely within government, by people in government positions who had broken the law,” Patel, who served a chief of staff to the acting US Defence Secretary under President Donald Trump, told PTI in a recent interview.

“I thought writing out all of those instances that I encountered and was a part of trying to expose and provide solutions to how we actually defeat what I call the deep state, is one of the most important missions we have,' he said.

Patel was the chief investigator for the Russia Gate for Chairman Devin Nunes on the House Intel committee.

Nunes memo alleges that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 'may have relied on politically motivated or questionable sources' to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant in October 2016 and in three subsequent renewals on Trump adviser Carter Page in the early phases of the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

Being a former national security prosecutor himself, he said, “We're trying to return the halls of justice to a single-tier system of justice. And Russiagate was done with one intent in mind to rig elections to keep President Trump from the White House.” Responding to a question, Patel alleged that the Biden administration and the deep state are interwoven.

“The Biden administration is filled by these corrupt government gangsters who I list in the back of my book by name and title. It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing,” the 43-year-old attorney whose book hit the stands this winter, said.

“Any one of these individuals I've named plus so many others, have advanced that unconstitutional measure of justice. For instance, the FBI sends people to houses of worship, namely churches, to try to find criminals. The FBI, sending people agents to school boards to arrest those who were standing up for their kids' rights to a free education system that is free from government political agendas,” he said.

Patel said those are just two small examples of how they are intertwined with it.

Responding to another question, Patel said just because the US is not physically present on the ground in Ukraine doesn't mean it's not a World War.

“It's two global powers, Russia and the West sort of battling it out in the Ukraine. If we've already committed USD 120 billion there. That's a World War. And now what happened with Iran, back proxies and Hamas and Hezbollah going into Gaza full scale, that's another World War. We have publicly committed our support for Israel, our number one ally in the Middle East. I think that's the right decision to do so.' 'But now what are we going to do? Are we going to send troops there? I mean, this is a conflict that involves every Middle Eastern country; Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror, the CCP (Communist Party of China) and Russia. So it's yet another world war, and I'm tragically fearing that American forces are going to get roped into this and it's going to become our next Afghanistan,” Patel said.

From a military standpoint, the amount of money that the US has given in aid to Ukraine is a lot.

For example, for the surface-to-air missile defence programmes, the US has given them seven-years’ worth of stock.

“What are we going to give Israel? How much more is the defence industrial complex? I talk about them with government gangsters. Well, the defence industrial complex does a lot of great work. I think they're one of the most corrupt institutions in Washington DC politics because they're the ones that lobby Congress, fund political campaigns and force Congress to pass these monster budgets to print more money and send more money and weapons and munitions overseas for these world wars,” he said.

Patel argued that the biggest victors in all of this right now are the Communist Party of China and Russia.

Patel said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a great job on the global vision, advancing the interest of India.

“Right now though, India is more involved in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) organisation than it is with American relations as I see it. That’s the direct result of President (Joe) Biden not prioritising the relationship with India,” he said.

He said former president Trump received Prime Minister Modi both in America and then went to India himself.

'And I was part of that delegation and made it a priority to engage not just diplomatically, but with our militaries and our intelligence components and our business components,' he said.

'Those were priorities that I'm not seeing here in the Biden administration beyond just a meeting at the White House and the speech. It’s causing India to ally or rely more on the likes of China and Russia, which I think is a dangerous avenue to go down,” Patel said.

“India is working with those countries who are looking to possibly replace the petrodollar, possibly replace the gold standard. I've seen India in those conversations and that's disheartening,' he said.

But right now, there isn't an American force on the national stage to lead any counter-effort to that, Patel said.

'So, I think they're doing what's in their best interest and it makes it difficult for India as a big ally of ours in the region to foster more with the United States of America. We need a change in leadership,” Patel, who is also the author of 'The Plot Against the King 2,000 Mules', said. PTI LKJ NSA AKJ NSA NSA

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