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On Delhi Metro’s 16th anniversary, here’s a look at what ‘Life in a Metro’ looks like

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These pictures picked up from all over Instagram capture the idiosyncrasies of travelling in the Delhi metro

New Delhi: It is often said that to learn, one must travel. And travelling is an integral part of life in a metropolis. Delhi Metro has been a constant companion to people who traverse its lengths and breadths everyday, criss-cross each other’s lives to reach their destinations and come back home. On a day when Delhi Metro Rail Corporation completed 16 years of its journey, here’s a bunch of pictures picked up from all over Instagram that capture the idiosyncrasies of travelling in the metro.

The metro presents a brilliant blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Here’s a post that captures both.

“While waiting for the packed Vaishali metro to arrive, I noticed the aunty in front of the girl with the headphone with a tattoo. I get it…nothing new.
But for me I love it when aunties & grannies get tattoos. I really dont know why but it does make them look powerful!

She was the only one with a tattoo at the Metro Station that night & I took out my camera & quickly clicked this pic.”

The act of travelling is as much of a journey towards your destination as it is towards yourself. And sometimes, it brings out the poets/authors in us.

“इश्क किसी भी उम्र या पड़ाव पर हो, दुनिया को ऐसा ही दिखना चाहिए और आपको कुछ भी नहीं।”

“She went to the fence and watched the clouds fall into an immense , rose-coloured ruin towards the darkness. Goldflamed to scarlet, like pain in its intense brightness. Then the scarlet sank to rose, and rose to crimson.”

“I have to go three stations in the opposite direction (so that I can get a seat during the rush hours) change platforms, and then travel for another hour and a half everyday to get to work. As much as I’d like to be engaged in more productive means, all I can do after eight hours of work, three hours of metro travel I don’t have any energy left to work on my big plans to change the world. Sometimes it makes me depressed, thinking how my life seems to be going to a waste without doing all that much. This life seems like a waste. I feel like I’m losing all my hopes and dreams. Is this really the life in a metro?”

“किसी दिन,तय है सूरज का ठिकाना ढ़ूँढ़ ही लेंगे,
उजालों की हमारे पास एक पुख्ता निशानी है!”


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किसी दिन,तय है सूरज का ठिकाना ढ़ूँढ़ ही लेंगे, उजालों की हमारे पास एक पुख्ता निशानी है! ********************************* #delhi #delhimetro #newdelhi #delhimetrolife #delhigram #sunset_pics #metro #delhidiaries #sodelhi #delhiwale #dfordelhi #delhincr #igers #ig #delhighted #instadelhi #metrolife #streetphotography #delhihai #streets #travelphotography #delhite #street #newdelhiart #photographyeveryday #likeforlikeback #followforfollow #likeforfollow #inspiroindia #natgeotravellerindia @click_india_click @world_photography_page @photographers.of.india @photographys__love @indianshutterbugs @photo_portico @click_india_click @thephotographicalworld @indian_photography_hub_

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Did you think those language barriers could not be broken? Think again!

Delhi Metro has given ‘pole dance’ a whole new meaning. Here’s how.

And here’s a blast from the past. At a time when India got demonetisation and the US got Donald Trump, here’s how the ladies coach of Delhi Metro diffused the tension in the air.

“Amidst crisis, Delhi metro be like.

While the people are going nuts over Trump becoming the 45th president, Modi invalidating the current ₹500 & ₹1000 notes & also the most important of all, the change in the shape of Toblerone chocolate. Here in Delhi metro we found some ladies who are far off from all these issues and are dancing their asses off in a crowded metro.
People seem to enjoy it. What are you thoughts on this?”

In case you are looking for a few book recommendations to kill time in the metro, here are few:


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“It is only a bruise.” This is what is written on the first page of this LBC and this is what is the starting of a brilliantly told story, of life, of death. When one knows that one is going to die, what are the thoughts that flow through one’s mind, how does one behave, does one simply let death take over, or does one ignores and dismisses it’s coming? These are just some of the things that Tolstoy amazingly depicts in this short and hauntingly beautiful story. He somehow manages to know, I believe, the exact thought everyone goes through when they know they’re slowly withering away, away from the people who lied to them that they’ll get better, or who were so healthy themselves, flaunting their health and their strength that it made the sick hate them, dislike them to their deepest bones, made them jealous. As the story moves, the readers come to know how, unless death is right in front of you, you always, always try to ignore its presence, it’s coming. There are pieces Tolstoy says, like, “In the depths of his soul Ivan Ilyich knew he was dying but, not only could he not get used to the idea, he didn’t understand it, couldn’t understand it at all.” And, “All his life the syllogism he had learned from Kiesewetter’s logic – Julius Caesar is a man, men are mortal, therefore Caesar is mortal – had always seemed to him to be true only when it applied to Caesar, certainly not to him.” But at last, death is everything he thinks about, maintains the belief that no one else can ever understand him (which is, in a way, true), and loathes everyone he knows. _____ Brilliant read. Would recommend it to everyone. Rating: 5/5 stars. Buddy read this with @driftingfirefly Tag: #DelhiMetroReads #MetroReads _____ #mybookstoryreview

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