1,200 Delhi prison inmates to get skills training

1,200 Delhi prison inmates to get skills training

New Delhi, Nov 24 (PTI) Around 1,200 inmates in Delhi Prisons will get hospitality sector-related skill training to start a new life post-incarceration, officials said on Friday.

'It is an attempt to do something for those who have been forgotten by the country, offering them a chance to live and work with dignity and respect,' Director General (Prisons) Sanjay Baniwal said.

The programme, designed to reform and rehabilitate, targets 1,200 undertrial inmates in jail for minor crimes and focuses on imparting education, vocational training and therapy to reduce recidivism, they said.

The National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) Level 4 training programme has 340 hours of coursework. Delhi Prisons has joined hands with Max Healthcare for the project.

Baniwal said if individuals are empowered to generate income, they won't go back to crime.

'Everyone deserves a second chance and we prioritise safeguarding personal data to ease the restart process,' the DG told PTI.

The inaugural year will see participants being trained as 'food and beverage stewards' for the hospitality sector, offering job market opportunities and easing reintegration into society, he added.

'The certification ensures the opportunity for a fresh start, overcoming the past with security and promoting their reintegration into society,' Baniwal said.

The courses will be certified by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) and are aligned with the guidelines of the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC), officials said.

The partnership emphasises direct industry interaction, including placement workshops and mock interviews for the programme's successful graduates, they said.

Baniwal also highlighted the success of 'Prarambh', a reform programme launched in February 2023 that achieved a 94 per cent certification rate.

The programme is a collaboration between the Urban Development Ministry and Mission Convergence of the Delhi government.

'When individuals are left without means of livelihood, the risk of turning to crime increases. Recognising this reality, our organisation strives to address this critical issue with respect and provides a genuine sense of reliability.

'By offering opportunities for sustainable livelihoods through programmes like Prarambh 2.0, we aim to break the cycle, ensuring that individuals don't resort to crime due to the lack of alternatives,' said Baniwal.

Abhay Soi, chairman and managing director of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd, said, 'We hope this will enable the inmates to lead productive lives upon release and contribute to making society better and safer.

'Max Healthcare through its CSR programme, is committed to making a positive difference to underserved communities in the area of education and skill training,” he said. PTI COR NIT RT

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