KCR promises special IT Park for Muslim youths, says BJP 'spoiling atmosphere in country'

KCR promises special IT Park for Muslim youths, says BJP 'spoiling atmosphere in country'

Hyderabad, Nov 23 (PTI) In a bid to woo minority voters, BRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday said if the party is voted to power again, the government would set up a special Information Technology park near here for the benefit of minority youths.

Addressing a rally at Maheshwaram, from where Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy is contesting in the November 30 polls, KCR said his government treats Muslims and Hindus as two eyes and takes everyone along.

'Today, we are giving pensions which Muslims are also getting. We have opened residential schools in which Muslim students also study. We take everyone along with us.

'Today, we are thinking about Muslim youths and setting up a special IT park for them near Hyderabad. The IT park will come up near Pahadi Shareef,' he said.

Targeting the BJP, Rao in Zaheerabad said said that the saffron party is 'spoiling the atmosphere in the country' with no benefit to anyone.

He said the NDA government’s tenure will last only for a few more days, in an apparent prediction that the coalition would lose the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

“The BJP is spoiling the atmosphere in the country. There is no benefit in this for anyone. It is not going to be a permanent tenure for them. There is no need to fear. Their tenure is only for a few days. They will not be there forever. When people realise, they will kick them out. Then, it will be a country with happiness,” he said, attacking the party leading the government at the Centre.

Asserting that Telangana is peaceful without any law and order issues, Rao said the BRS government has spent Rs 12,000 crore towards minority development during the past 10 years against Rs 2,000 crore during its 10 years' regime.

He repeated his promise that as long as KCR is alive, Telangana would remain a secular state.

According to the chief minister, after Telangana became a separate state, he made development possible.

'Who achieved statehood for Telangana? Who is able to implement 24 hour free power? Who brought tap water to every doorstep?' he asked the people, and they responded saying 'KCR'.

Stating that when Telangana was formed, the situation was chaotic with no proper drinking and irrigation water facilities, Rao said wealth has been growing as his government is putting in efforts and maintaining fiscal discipline.

He pointed out that there is no water tax in Telangana, unlike any other state in India even as the government is providing 24 hours of free 'quality' power to farmers.

KCR said the agricultural situation has improved in the state and if the same measures are continued for another 10 to 15 years, farmers would come out of the woods.

Alleging that the Congress considers his government's 'Rythu Bandhu' investment support to farmers wasted expenditure, he said if the BRS is voted to power again, not only will the scheme be continued but the amount under it would be increased to Rs 16,000 gradually from the existing Rs 10,000 per annum.

'Congress leaders are saying carelessly that they would give power only for three hours. They are also saying that Dharani (an integrated land administration portal) will be dumped in the Bay of Bengal,' he said, adding that the grand old party's move may result in the resumption of the middlemen regime.

Requesting the people to think and take a decision on whom they should vote for, he said the ballot thety cast would change the future of the state for the next five years.

Telangana is number one state in the country in per capita income and power consumption, he said at a rally in Vikarabad about 75 km from here. The Congress promised to give 20 hours of free power to farmers but ended up giving just five hours after coming to power in Karnataka, he alleged.

'Farmers of Karnataka are coming to Hyderabad and warning us not to believe the Congress party,' KCR claimed. He also alleged that Dalits were used as a 'vote bank' by other political parties. PTI GDK VVK ANE

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