Emotional reunions as children and women hostages released by Hamas meet their families in Israel

Emotional reunions as children and women hostages released by Hamas meet their families in Israel

Jerusalem, Nov 25 (PTI) Emotional scenes unfolded as Israeli children and women, held captive by Hamas militants in Gaza for a gruelling 49 days, were released and finally reunited with their families under a Qatar, Egyptian and US brokered deal.

Ohad Munder, 9, in a video released by Schneider Children's Medical Centre (SCMC) can be seen running and hugging his father in a tight embrace for the first time since he was released by Hamas from the Gaza Strip on Friday.

Ohad was freed along with his 55-year-old mother Keren Munder, and 78-year-old grandmother Ruti Munder. Ruti’s husband Avraham Munder still remains in Gaza in Hamas' custody.

Ohad turned nine while being held in Gaza, and events were held across Israel to mark the day.

A keen solver of Rubik’s cubes, people campaigning for the boy's release created his portrait out of the puzzle.

Images circulating on social media on Saturday showed Ohad solving a Rubik's cube in the hospital as soldiers from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) looked on.

Emilia Alony, 5, who was released with her mother Danielle as part of a temporary cease-fire deal between Hamas and Israel, was reunited with her grandma.

In photos released by the SCMS, Emilia can be seen in a tight embrace with her grandmother.

The two were visiting Danielle’s sister and her family at Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7 when they were all kidnapped during the dastardly attacks carried out by Hamas.

Sharon Alony Cunio, 33, and her husband David Cunio, 34, and their twin three-year-old daughters, Yuli and Emma, are still being held hostages in Gaza.

In an emotional video, Ohad's brother Roy Zichri Munder, thanked the IDF for its role in releasing his family members and all the citizens for their 'hugs and support without which we wouldn't have been able to hold up for these 49 days'.

'Thank you to all the people of Israel. It is very important for me to say that we are not celebrating today. We are happy but not celebrating as we have more hostages and we need to continue with our campaign. We will continue with our efforts till all the hostages are released,' Roy said, extending support to all those whose loved ones are still stuck in Gaza in Hamas' custody.

'Don't lose hope. They will soon return,' he said.

SCMC has made special arrangements for the hostages being released, arranging for all possible things to make them switch to normal surroundings. PTI HM SCY AKJ SCY SCY

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