Global Ayurveda Fest to deliberate on climate change related health issues

Global Ayurveda Fest to deliberate on climate change related health issues

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 23 (PTI) The Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF), scheduled from December 1 to 5, will focus on discussing how Ayurvedic solutions can be applied to tackle the serious threats to human, livestock, and natural health caused by climate change and ecological devastation in a sustainable way, organisers said here on Thursday.

As the time-tested, holistic and integrated medical system, Ayurveda texts deal meticulously with tackling the challenges triggered by climate shifts and degradation of nature and their crippling impact on lives on the planet, they said in a statement.

Significantly, the focal theme of the ensuing edition of GAF is 'Emerging Challenges in Healthcare & A Resurgent Ayurveda,' whose thrust is on taking Ayurveda from India to the world and opening up new possibilities, said Dr C Sureshkumar, Chief Co-ordinator, GAF.

The five-day event will be held at the Greenfield International Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram.

There is an entire body of knowledge system and application protocols known as 'Paryavaran Ayurveda,' which had foreseen the health issues resulting from climate change, global warming and ecological devastations, said Dr G G Gangadharan, Working Chairman, GAF.

There is a growing awareness the world over that this issue has to be tackled in a sustainable manner where knowledge, empathy and inclusivity are the vital props.

Similarly, there is a branch of knowledge known as 'Vrikshayurveda', which tells that the health of humans and of everything around him are mutually linked and dependent.

This genre deals with biodiversity, the need to preserve nature and sustainable use of resources, besides extraction and application of medicinal plants for human health.

Ayurveda, which looks at the physical and mental wellness in an integrated manner by factoring in all the features of the external and internal nature is the most eminently qualified medical system with a proven record efficacy to deal with the emerging challenges.

The five-day conclave will have focused sessions on both the topics in which leading experts from top institutions in the country and abroad will be sharing their insights and perspectives on how Ayurveda could be effectively leveraged to address these issues on a global scale, Dr Gangadharan said.

Another interesting segment at GAF will focus on 'ethno-vet' medicine, known in Ayurveda parlance as 'mrigachikitsa.' The session will explore the immense possibilities of repositioning the animal health solutions and treatment protocols dealt by this branch of knowledge, also known as 'Pashu Ayurveda,' the statement said.

Developing ethno-vet medicine system on scientific lines is of remarkable significance in India where animal husbandry is a major source of income for rural communities, the organisers added. PTI TGB TGB ROH

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